The name of our despair is once more Ankara… With the pain of the lives lost in the 10 October 2015 and 17 February 2016 bombings still fresh, investigations that don’t advance beyond announcing the name of the suicide bomber in question, and the failure to try those responsible for the associated negligence, we have been abandoned once more in our sorrow following yet another attack targeting civilians.


The 13 March attack that took close to 40 people from us and wounded dozens more has saddened the hearts of millions, while also leaving us furious. Regardless of the perpetrators or their aims, we declare attacks against civilians to be a crime against humanity.

Those authorities that deign to send water cannon before ambulances and that impose a press blackout instead of shedding light on the perpetrators of the attack are seeking to cover up the event.

We no longer have the patience to lose even one of our fellow humans. It falls on all of us to strive forthwith to create a Turkey that is democratic, free and at peace. In the interests of ensuring that these massacres upon massacres do not remain in the dark, we will do our utmost to bring to account those who refuse to be moved in the face of these deaths and who content themselves with issuing condemnations and messages of condolence instead of taking responsibility. Likewise, we will do everything in our power to fight against censorship and prohibitions to bring the concealed truth to light.

The memory of those we have lost will be with us always. Our condolences to all of Turkey’s peoples.

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