Sal, Kas

We’re getting ready for 1 May, the Day of Unity, Struggle and Solidarity for the Working Class, to gather together with all those who shout for peace against war, who take the side of humanity against barbarity and who choose to remain a human by resisting against all manners of oppression.

Since the government’s bellicose policies went into effect last July, thousands of internet sites have been censored. With journalism being deemed a crime, our colleagues have been arrested and prosecuted for the news they write. At present, 32 of our colleagues are in jail under arrest. Our colleagues reporting from areas of clashes face the very real risk of death, with many have been directly targeted. In an era in which the press has been besieged from every direction, we are hitting the streets on May Day for a free press, for the people’s right to the news, for freedom of thought and expression and for an end to the murder of the truth – along with people – in times of war.
With a new law, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) is attempting to steal our job security in the form of our severance by transforming it into a fund, while a motion to create Private Employment Bureaus is waiting in the wings at parliament. The motions, which will effectively create a modern form of slavery, will transform our media, publishing and printing sector into one devoid of job security or any manner of rights necessary for a dignified life for us workers, graphic artists, editors, copy editors and translators.
We are on the streets on May Day to revolt against being forced to work in conditions of slavery, to safeguard our job security, to ensure a life and work of dignity, to prevent the theft of our severance rights, to defend ourselves against wages that would sentence us to a life below the poverty line and to avoid being deprived of measures to ensure health and safety on the job.
On May Day, we will stand with hope in our hearts:
Against moves that would deprive us of job security, enslave us and destroy the rights of workers;
Against moves to enforce rented labor, the failure to realize promises to make subcontractors permanent employees, the refusal to heed court rulings and the theft of our severance;
Against the elimination of our rights to organization and labor action.
Against the handover of our nature and lives to capital;
Against moves to force women to work from home, at half-time and without job security;
Against the elimination of job security for civil servants;
Against the politics of war and oppression;
Against moves to intimidate and silence the people through events like the 10 October Ankara Massacre;
Against the desire to remove secularism from the constitution;
And, naturally, against fascism.
For work, bread and a safe future for all, and to foster new hope,
Let’s gather together for labor, peace and democracy on May Day.


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